You can email Samie Jaffrey at:
srj2003 at

Postdoctoral applications should be emailed to

We can be reached by postal mail at:
Department of Pharmacology
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
1300 York Avenue, Box 70
New York, NY  10065

Our shipping address is:
Weill Cornell Medical College
413 E. 69th Street, Room LC-523  
New York, NY  10021


To get here by taxi, tell the driver that you want to go to 69th Street and York Avenue.

To get here by subway, go to the 68th Street and Lexington avenue stop on the 6 train, which is a green line in the NYC subway maps.  When you get out, walk east: from Lexington Avenue, to 3rd, to 2nd, 1st, and then finally York Avenue.  If you walk towards Park Avenue, then you are walking west.  

Another subway that you can take is the new Q train.  This is yellow on the NYC subway maps.  Exit the train at the 72nd and 2nd Avenue stop.  When you leave the subway, there are two exits - the 72nd Street exit and the 69th Street exit.  The 69th Street exit is closer to Weill Cornell - so leave from this exit and walk east: from 2nd avenue, you will then get to 1st avenue and then finally York avenue.  You are going the wrong way if you see 3rd Avenue - another way to tell you are going the wrong way is that 3rd Avenue is uphill - so don't go uphill.  When you reach York Avenue, you should see the main entrance right in front of you (i.e 1300 York Avenue, located at 69th Street and York avenue).

The easiest way to get to the lab is to come through the main entrance of Weill Cornell at the East 69th St. and York Avenue intersection.    

As you enter, you will see the security guard desk.  You can call Dr. Jaffrey (x746-6243) or the lab (x746-6246) from the desk, and the guards should give you the OK to enter after the call.  Or, if you look like you belong, and the guards don't stop you, you can come directly to the lab.  

To come to the lab, walk straight ahead and turn right.  You will see the glass walls of the library ahead.  Walk to those glass walls, and to your left will be elevators.  Take the elevators to the fifth floor.

When you step off the elevators, turn to the right towards the hallway.  Take an immediate left and walk 30 feet, until you see a hallway with black marble tiles on your right.  Walk down the hallway into the lab, and come to Dr. Jaffrey's office (Room LC-523).  It will be on the right after you enter the lab.