Oct 10             Lab meeting: Xing
Oct 17 NMW         --no meeting--        
Oct 24             RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (QH/SS)
Oct 31 NMW/RT      Lab meeting: Chris
Nov 7              Journal Club: Ben/Ryan
Nov 14 NMW         Lab meeting: Anthony
Nov 21 NMW/RT      RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (SD/HYK)
Nov 28             Lab meeting: Jake
Dec 5  NMW         --no meeting--        
Dec 12             Journal Club: Shino/Jason 
Dec 16             Annual review week
Dec 26 NMW         --no meeting--       
Jan 2              Lab meeting: Jared
Jan 9  NMW/RT      RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (JL/CW)
Jan 16             Lab meeting: Jason
Jan 23 NMW         --no meeting--
Jan 30             Journal Club: Christina/Vladimir 
Feb 6  NMW/RT      Lab meeting: Brian
Feb 13             RNA Chem Bio Journal Club  (JM/LM)
Feb 20 NMW         Lab meeting: Christina 
Feb 27             Journal Club: Aashiq/Anthony 
Mar 6  NMW/RT      Lab Meeting: Ryan
Mar 13             RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (SS/QH)
Mar 20 NMW         Lab meeting: Ben
Mar 27             --no meeting--    
Apr 3  NMW/RT      Journal Club: Brian/Sara 
Apr 10             Lab meeting: Vladimir
Apr 17 NMW         RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (JM/HYK)
Apr 24             Lab meeting: Qian
May 1  NMW/RT      Journal Club: Ben/Jason
May 8              Lab meeting: Scott
May 15 NMW         RNA Chem Bio Journal Club  (JL/SD)
May 22             Lab meeting: Hyaeyeong
May 29 NMW/RT      Journal Club: Shino/Ryan
Jun 5              Lab meeting: Aashiq
Jun 12 NMW         RNA Chem Bio Journal Club  (CW/XL)
Jun 19             Lab meeting: Sourav        
Jun 26 NMW         --no meeting--
Jul 3              Journal Club: Anthony/Vladimir
Jul 10 NMW/RT      Lab meeting: Shino
Jul 17             RNA Chem Bio Journal Club (SD/SS)
Jul 24 NMW/RT      Lab meeting: Sara
Jul 31             Journal Club: Aashiq/Christina
Aug 7  NMW         Lab meeting: Xing

Journal Club and Lab Meeting are from 4 PM - 6 PM in LC-504 unless indicated.
NMW = no office meetings during this week.

RT = Roundtable week. Spinach roundtable Thurs 1 PM - 3 PM; m6A roundtable Fri 1-3 PM

The technical presentation is given at lab meetings by the person who spoke at the previous lab meeting.