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Welcome to the Jaffrey Lab

at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

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Research Summary:  What we do...

Nearly every disease process is caused by, or is associated with, abnormal protein levels.  The focus of our laboratory is to uncover the mechanisms that control protein expression in cells. 

The cell has intricate pathways that determine the amount of protein generated from any given mRNA.  Proteins and small RNAs bind to mRNAs and affect the mRNA in diverse ways.  These include influences on mRNA subcellular localization, translation, degradation, and folding.  

We are discovering these pathways and determining how defects in these processes lead to diseases, including neurodevelopmental disorders, cancer and obesity.

A major aspect of our laboratory is the development of novel enabling technologies for revealing new principles of RNA biology.  These have included novel proteomic and computational techniques, as well as chemical biology tools for imaging RNA and RNA biology in cells. 

The Jaffrey laboratory is a unique environment for making discoveries.  Our laboratory brings together molecular biologists, chemists, and computational biologists to create a highly interdisciplinary environment for uncovering new principles in RNA biology.  Our lab is situated in Manhattan, New York, adjacent to the Rockefeller University and Sloan Kettering Institute.  This “tri-institutional campus” provides a rich scientific environment that is conducive for cutting-edge research.

Click the links below to learn about our major areas of interest:

The dynamic epitranscriptome: N6-methyladenosine (m6A) and mRNA control

Imaging RNA and RNA biology

RNA pathways that control gene expression in neurons