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Welcome to the Jaffrey Lab

at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

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1.  GX41 antibody for ubiquitin proteomics (Xu, G., Paige, J.S., Jaffrey, S.R. Global analysis of lysine ubiquitination by ubiquitin remnant immunoaffinity profiling, Nature Biotechnology, 2010) 

This antibody recognizes "ubiquitin remnants," i.e., a diglycyl-lysine, and allows for immunopurification of peptides derived from the ubiquitinated portion of a protein.  Currently this antibody is available from Lucerna Technologies:

2.  Spinach and Broccoli reagents (Paige, J.S., Wu, K.Y., Jaffrey, S.R. RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein, Science, 333:642-646, 2011; and Paige, J.S., Nguyen-Duc, T., Song, W., Jaffrey, S.R. Fluorescence imaging of cellular metabolites with RNA, Science, 335:1194, 2012)

The fluorescent dyes DFHBI and DFHBI-1T are available from Lucerna Technologies.

The plasmids are available from Addgene:  

Click here for more information on the plasmids and their use, and here for maps.

3. 2-Ethynyl adenosine for poly(A) tail synthesis mapping (Curanovic, D., Cohen, M., Slagle, C.E., Singh, I., Leslie, C.S., Jaffrey, S.R. Transcriptome-wide profiling of stimulus-induced polyadenylation in living cells using a poly(A) trap. Nature Chemical Biology, 9:671-3, 2013).  Ethynyl adenosine can be purchased from Jena Bioscience (catalog number CLK-N005-1).  Click here for this compound.

4. MICAL plasmids (Lundquist, M.R., Storaska, A., Liu, T.-C., Larsen, S.D., Evans, T., Neubig, R.R., Jaffrey, S.R. Redox modification of nuclear actin by MICAL-2 regulates SRF signaling. Cell, 156:563-576, 2014).  Plasmids are available at Addgene.