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Welcome to the Jaffrey Lab

at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

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Samie Jaffrey, MD, PhD


Dilek Colak, PhD

Max-Planck Institute for Neurobiology/Helmholtz Centrum Munich

Grigory Filonov, PhD

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Ju Youn Kim, PhD

New York University

Bastian Linder, PhD

University of Würzburg

Kate Meyer, PhD

Northwestern University

Anthony Olarerin-George, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Deepak Patil, PhD

Ohio State University

Wenjiao Song, PhD

SUNY Buffalo

Rita Strack, PhD

University of Chicago

Nina Svensen, PhD

University of Edinburgh

Mingxu You, PhD

University of Florida

Graduate Students

Anya Grozhik


Hyaeyeong Kim

KAIST, South Korea

Administrative Support

Olga Willis